Custom Fortune Cookies Party Message Ideas

Below are some ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing. On the order form you can type in your own custom messages. Feel free to use any of these or use them as a spring board for your own. Have fun!

Thank you for coming to
Jessie Paulo’s
Bat Mitzvah

It’s Finally Final
Tom is retiring
25 years of service!

Happy Birthday Joni!
75 and going strong
Love, CaliGroup LLC

You have 20 words to work with per message, up to 3 lines of text, approx 7 words per line. All packages come with custom messages. Messages can be single or double sided. All fortune cookies are individually wrapped in clear cellophane.

Thanks for coming to
Jaden’s Super Hero Party
March 15, 2018

BIG 5-0!
Enjoy the ride
down the hill Dave!

Age is like a fine wine.
The older the better.
60 and still kickin’ -Betty

Standard production time for cookie orders is 2 business days, dipped orders need an extra day or two. Shipping times range from 2-7 business days depending on shipping method. If you are concerned about timing feel free to reach out. Send us a text 801.485.0951.

Confucius Says,
“Raiders will win the Super Bowl”
Dallin’s Kickoff Party 2018

Thanks for coming to Aden’s
7th Birthday Party!